It's never easy selecting the landmarks, venues and activities that we'll choose to experience when we are in a vibrant city for two or three days only

 The important thing is, of course, knowing what there is to see and to do, but most important, are these things relevant doing or seeing to get the most out of the trip? Will these things give us an exact and unique look of the essence of the town? What's the essence of the town? I'd say it is understanding the city, how it works, how it lives and how its inhabitants live every day. Ok, you can visit Paris going up the Eiffel tower and shopping expensive luxury products in fancy stores but will you really have lived and felt Paris or will you more likely have experienced the touristy, cliché trip of Paris? That's more likely what you'll have done, surrounding yourself of other tourists starving for selfies in front of the Mona-Lisa or the Montmartre hill. We think getting the most out of a short city trip is experiencing life like locals without of course passing through cultural and historic landmarks.

 Within those few articles we are presenting you activities that we think will get you to really know what Paris is like, what Tokyo, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Helsinki, New York, Roma, Atlanta,Casablanca, Tel Aviv, Cardiff, Sydney, Melbourne and many more cities are like. Thanks to the unique experience we offer in these towns, our team of locals got to successfully pull out the vibe, the essence of their city, the one idea, memory they'd like you to have about it. 

In order to really know a city there are three main things we have to know :

1. The identity of the city, its culture and traditions, its history and why it is what it is.

2. What makes the city : its plans, architecture and monuments.

3. What gives life to the city : its inhabitants.

 Any passionate, well trained tour guide would take care of leaving you sure that you've acquired all that knowledge, but let's say it, travelling is also something fun and we don't want you to believe you have to pass an exam at the end of your trip!
This is the reason why Big City Chase created those scavenger hunts based on enigmas, so that you have fun while learning all of thse sometimes boring things.
In this blog, of course we invite you to sign up to one of our chases across the city you're visiting but we also try (without spoiling our enigmas and chases itineraries) to give you a list of interesting places to go and things to do to successfully get to feel and know the city you're visiting.

So go ahead and enjoy our articles about each and every city where we organize our fun and cultural scavenger hunts.

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