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What to do in Seattle - Things to see and places to go in Seattle while on a short trip

Here are, according to us and our local team, the things to do and see in Seattle in order to get the real vibe, real essence of the city.

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 1. Of course you could do all of the following or just register to our cultural scavenger hunt!

2. Take a look to this map of the city, to have a real idea on how it is built and organized.

3. Seattle Center & the Space Needle

 Seattle Center, along with its iconic Space Needle and the Monorail, were originally built for the 1962 World's Fair but have since been turned into an entertainment complex and park area with theaters, sports facilities, and restaurants. Modern tourist attractions now proliferate the area, including musical adventures at the Experience Music Project, and impressive glass artworks at Chihuly Garden and Glass. And though it's a locals' haunt, the futuristic steel and glass structure of the Seattle Central Library is worth seeking out.
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4. Pioneer Square Historic District

Marked with a 60-foot totem pole, Pioneer Square is the city's historic heart. Among the Victorian-era buildings, the Smith Tower stands out for its imposing height (42 stories). There's an observation deck on the 35th floor that's ideal for sightseeing. Also in the neighborhood, Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park remembers the surge of prospectors who departed for the Yukon during the 1897 gold rush. For a different look at yesteryear, book a time on Bill Speidel's Underground Tour to explore the old city that lies below the modern streets. Below ground are the old streets where the pioneers would have walked.
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5. Pike Place Market

On the two floors of picturesque Pike Place Market, vendors offer a wide range of wares for sale. Fish, fruit, vegetables, and all sorts of odds and ends tantalize the taste buds and camera lenses. If you don't have the hotel facilities to cook up some seafood, head to one of the local restaurants. Market tours are an ideal way to cut through the bustle of Pike Place and hear some unusual stories.
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6. Hiram M Chittenden Locks

 These busy locks northwest of Seattle Center are also known as the Ballard Locks. Besides watching the boat traffic move between Puget Sound and the lakes, visitors can seek out the fish ladder where salmon struggle upstream. Nearby, the Carl S. English, Jr. Botanical Garden is a quieter spot to rest and appreciate well-tended gardens.
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7. Volunteer Park

 In central Seattle, Volunteer Park features a century-old conservatory with tropical plants and trees. Visitors can also find simple attractions within the park like walking trails, sports facilities, a children's play area, and picnic grounds. And the lush green space also encompasses the Seattle Asian Art Museum (a branch of the larger Seattle Art Museum downtown), where galleries display Chinese, South Asian, and Southeast Asian art; decorative arts; and textiles.
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8. Waterfront and Piers

 A string of piers and parks line the Seattle waterfront, home to recreational spaces, tourist attractions, boat tours, and ferry docks. On Pier 59, visitors will find the Seattle Aquarium where a variety of Pacific marine creatures (including sea otters, octopuses, and dwarf sharks) can be observed in the Underwater Dome. Just south of the aquarium, Waterfront Park has a wide vantage over the harbor. The views are also excellent atop the Seattle Great Wheel on Pier 57. To the north, Olympic Sculpture Park is filled with over-sized outdoor artworks competing with the views for attention.
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9. Discovery Park

 Discovery Park covers 550 acres and is the largest park in Seattle. On a point protruding into the sound, West Point Lighthouse marks the westernmost vantage in the park, but many parts of the park look out over Puget Sound and there are also great views of the mountains. Discovery Park encompasses coastline, forest, and meadows, offering a nice escape from the city and providing a habitat for wildlife. An environmental learning center hosts interactive exhibits and information about the park as well as education programs for all ages.
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10. Benaroya Hall

 Seattle's premier arts venue, Benaroya Hall seats 2,500 for Seattle Symphony concerts. Look for the large glass art sculpture by Dale Chihuly, featured prominently in the lobby. It's similar to the works at Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle Center and at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma. The performance hall is downtown, across the street from the Seattle Art Museum.
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11. International District

To the east of Pioneer Square is the colorful International District, where Japanese and Chinese shops and restaurants dominate the street scene. The Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience charts the history of Asian immigration. The museum is named for Wing Luke, a Chinese American who was the first Asian American elected official in Washington. Nearby Hing Hay Park features a pagoda.
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Daniel is our Seattle local representative, we asked him what an ideal day of leisure in Seattle could look like, what would he suggest doing from early morning to late at night?
Here is what he suggests. Don't hesitate to contact Daniel on Twitter @bigcitychase #Daniel #questionforDaniel if you have questions for him, we may publish your conversation in this blog if he thinks it might be useful to other Seattle visitors.

Daniel from Seattle for Big City Chase Seattle : 

"Hello, my Name is Daniel, I am a taxi driver in Seattle and so you can guess I know this city (which also happens to be my hometown) very well. To get started, I will suggest that early morning you
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